Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock – Portable Food Storage Bag with Tightly Locking Zippers and 7 Layers of Carbon-Woven Fabric, Durable Medicine Bag by Kozo, 4.9 x 6.7 x 8.7 In. (Grey)

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  • CLEAR THE AIR – Prevent curious people from knowing what’s locked away in your locking bag. Keep the contents safe inside the bag with your smell proof case and lock by Kozo.
  • NO GAPS TO MIND – Smell proof bags with loose built-in locks let smells escape. Your Kozo lock bag keeps smells in since it features zippers with overlapping lock holes that grant no gaps.
  • FINE FABRIC – Protect your supplies with an odor proof bag designed for durability. It resists water droplets and debris with its strong 7-layer frame with aroma-absorbing carbon fabric.
  • OPTIMAL ORGANIZATION – Messiness leads to lost equipment. Organize contents and accessories with your smell proof box that comes with detachable dividers, a mesh pouch, and a removable insert.
  • KOZO’S COMMITMENT – Pack your essentials with your smell proof container by Kozo. We promise it protects your stuff—our customer service team will see to it.