Smell Proof Bag and Storage Box with Steel Combination Lock - Odor Eliminator Travel Bag and Smell Proof Containers

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  • ➠ 【Super functional smell proof bag】This storage box is perfect to keep your things safe and smell proof. This smell proof bag is built to function for different usage. It can be your safe keeper for essential oil storage, travel-size toiletries box or you can just simply use it as a zipper pouch that has a super-efficient lock combination. This Zipper pouch is flawlessly functional for all your need.
  • ➠ 【Discreet order free bag with Built-in organizer】A perfect smell proof bag is what everyone needs to keep their things safe and secure. This zipper pouch has 8-layer advanced carbon-fiber technology which is your one-stop solution for odor-free storage. Its carbon linings keep your stuff fresh and safe, toxin or smell cant breakthrough in it.
  • ➠ 【High-security combination lock and zipper】 Our Smell proof bag is not only great to keep your stuff odor free but also has a strong combination lock that is easy set-up but highly effective. You can set up your lock and keep your things safe in it. We have designed these bags with great quality of steel combination lock and zipper, It is perfect for traveling, short trips, or to just use it every day. It has the quality to be used as a zipper pouch or storage box.
  • ➠ 【Durable and Waterproof】 Our smell proof bags are designed to give you a one-stop solution so that one bag can do multiple things for you. Our storage box is not only durable that it can keep you valuable safe, secure, and odor-free but also it is highly water-resistant so that all your things will be dry and safe if you face quick weather change on your go.
  • ➠ 【Modish and stylish odor-proof bag】 This smell proof bag highly functional and practical to use. It has enough room to keep valuable things safe and smell-free in one lockbox. Apart from that this bag is very uniquely designed to give it a modish and stylish outlook so that you can carry it around easily or can use every day.