Smart Stash Smell Proof Case with Combination Lock, Half Ounce Herb Jar and 3.5 Mylar Bags

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  • THE LEADER IN SMELL PROOF BAGS - Smell proof box storage kit with UV glass odor proof jar. Keep accessories safe inside the stash container. Smell proof stash bag holds half oz herb container perfectly!
  • SCENT PROOF BAG FOR HOME, CAR, OFFICE, TRAVEL - Eliminate stinky, smelly skunk odor with 100% scent proof bags. 3.5 mylar bags (3x4") are reusable smell proof pouches. Locking stash bags keep hands out. Odorless stash container keeps fresh for months.
  • DISCREET, SECURE MEDICINE BAG - Take 3-digit combination locking bag everywhere. Scent proof container fits inside smell proof backpacks or duffle bag. Medicine case on the go!
  • DURABLE WATERPROOF CONTAINER - Carbon lined odor proof container ranks top in class for herb containers. Smell proof containers with heavy duty, weatherproof material and waterproof zipper seal.
  • 100% PEACE OF MIND - Smell proof bag with combination lock, airtight container and vacuum sealed, heat sealable smell proof baggies. Humidity pack inside odorless container.