DELTA 8 - ROPE CANDY 600mg - 7 Flavors

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Craving something crunchy on the outside, and gummy on the inside? We've combined these components together to create our own fantastically delicious, Delta Rope candy. Each rope is chewy but also coated in small crunchy candies to give you the best of both worlds. Individually wrapped to perfection, our ropes come in seven satisfying flavors: Diesel Melon, Grape-Lemonade Wild Cherry, Lemon Tree Lemon, Chi-Town Cherry, Grapes, Rainbow, and Strawberry Survivor. Rope yourself in some of this delicious candy. Enjoy responsibly.

7 Flavors- Grapes, Diesel Melon, Grape Lemonade, Lemon Tree Lemonade, Chi-Town Cherry, Rainbow, Strawberry Survivor