Mood Formula (CBD Tinture)

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Liven up your life, with our Exclusive Hemp Mood tincture. Our 500mg patented formula is extremely fast-acting, five times more absorbent, and long-lasting. Unlike oil-based tinctures, our nano-hemp particles with ashwagandha can enter your bloodstream within minutes, instead of hours. In addition to enhancing your mood, research has shown that ashwagandha can help increase muscle mass and strength, as well as decrease inflammation, which makes this product a great addition to a pre or post-workout program. Elevate your mood, anytime. Feel the effects of nano 5x!    

Ingredients: Water-soluble hemp, ashwagandha, natural caramel, organic honey, organic milk (milk and honey). 

Instructions: Shake well before use. Ages 12+ take one full dropper every 24 hours. Place directly under the tongue, and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.