Delta-8 Dabs/Wax 1 gram- 500 Pack (No-Label/ Private-Label)

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1. "No-Label" Services

This is our most simple, straightforward, and affordable service. You will receive your dabs - coming in a long, sleek package - without labels or packaging. After receiving product, you can distribute your sheet of D8 wax into individual packages or sell as is. This is our cheapest option to hit the ground running on your brand - but we do not recommend this route if you are not familiar with the process of sourcing packaging.

2. Private-Label/Customized Product and Packaging Service

When you choose this option, your products will arrive completely pre-packaged and ready to sell. Our team will work closely with you and walk you through the process of getting products launched. Additionally, we will also check your product packaging for regulation compliance. We also handle most of our printing in-house - which considerably speeds up lead times.