Doweedos Tapaio 600mg MEDICATED

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Choose your type: Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10 or THC-O

Fire up your taste buds with the craveable taste of Doweedos Medicated Tapatio Flavored Cannabis Infused Tortilla Chips. They're smothered in the delicious taste of Tapatio hot sauce, for a flavorful bite of heat. Grab a handful to jumpstart your snack routine with the bold taste that only Doritos can deliver.

Doweedos Tapatio infused with 600mg of the highest quality Cannabis.

600 MG THC in every bag. Same great Doweedos taste!

You heard that right. Cannabis Infused Chips!!! One of coolest (and funniest) things about the cannabis industry would have to be creations such as these! It was really only a matter of time before somebody thought of this one. Here it is in all of its glory. With these new Cannabis Chips, you can really bring the fun into movie nights! Doweedos Tapatio anyone?