Health Insurance

Need an Agent?

If you have any Life, Health or Medicare questions and would like to talk to a live agent please feel free to contact Damar M DuBois a licensed insurance agent by clicking my name, Its a free call. I can provide assistance with answers to questions, Medicaid signup, Plan Quotes, Enrollment, Plan Benefits, Dental, Vision, Provider Lookup & Locations.

Looking to apply yourself?

If your looking to simply get a check the health market for a quotes available for you and your loved ones on Dental, Vision, Health, Supplemental insurance policies, and apply your information manually please click the link! 

5 Funerals For $55 per month!!!!!!

Why should you use your life insurance to pay for your funeral? Leave the insurance to your loved one and get a Our Bequest Plan! This is not Insurance, WE PROVIDE YOUR AFTER LIFE GRADUATION FOR 5 INDIVIDUALS FOR A PLAN MONTHLY PREMUIM OF $55, $85 OR $125Click the link to find out how.