Certificates of Analysis (COA Database)

All hemp derived CBD products sold via this website are independent laboratory tested and certified to contain 0.30% THC by weight volume or none at all. 

To review a Certificate of Analysis for a specific product, simply choose the product manufacturer from the list of our trusted suppliers shown below.

 Activ8d8.com | https://activ8d8.com/coa/
 Exclusive Hemp Farms | https://exclusivehempfarms.com/pages/coas-1
 CBD Living | https://cbdliving.com/pages/test-results
 Wholesale CBD Flower.com | https://wholesalecbdflower.com/pages/cbd-test-results


 Hemp Living Wholesale.com | https://hemplivingwholesale.com/pages/cbd-lab-testing-results
 Delta Effex.com | https://deltaeffex.com/pages/lab-tests
 Wholesale Hemp Suppliers.com | https://wholesalehempsuppliers.com/pages/lab-results
 Absolute Nature CBD.com | https://absolutenaturecbd.com/3rd-party-lab-testing/