Hemp Powder: What Is It? What Are Its Benefits?

Hemp Powder: What Is It? What Are Its Benefits?

Hemp powder or hemp protein powder is a product that has seemingly become popular overnight. Nowadays, a lot of amateur athletes and bodybuilders use this product to gain weight, increase energy, and regenerate muscles.

Hemp powder combines the best of both worlds; it has a lot of proteins that are crucial for muscle building but also play an important role in recovering the muscle tissue.

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Aside from hemp protein powder, there are a lot of different CBD items that can rejuvenate your body and recuperate energy. In fact, almost every substance from O’shipt store should provide some sort of a metabolic boost to your body.

In this post, we will talk about hemp powder while focusing on its benefits for athletes.

What is so great about hemp powder?

We get hemp powder by grinding hemp seeds. It is worth noting that these seeds don’t have CBD or other cannabinoids, and they cannot create the same effects as some medical hemp products. However, they are very potent, nutritious and can provide various wellness boosts.

Hemp protein powder can be used by anyone, but it is especially good for those who wish to gain muscle mass. The substance has an earthy taste, and you can add it to various shakes and drinks.

Hemp seeds are a great source of quality vegan protein. This part of the plant has 9 different amino acids. It also has minerals and fibers.

How does hemp powder compare to other hemp and marijuana products?

The main difference between this product and some other hemp/marijuana items lies in its basic ingredient. All of these are regarded as wellness substances but with different properties and potential.

As already mentioned, hemp seeds don’t have cannabinoids. These chemicals are extracted from hemp/marijuana stalks, leaves, and flowers.

Given that seeds don’t have cannabinoids, this also means they don’t have psychoactive THC that makes you high. Marijuana strains, in particular, are notorious for their enormous THC content. You can easily get high by using this substance.

On the other hand, hemp is a much safer substance that has up to 0.3% THC. Whether we're talking about hemp seeds, hemp stalks, or flowers, this plant has a much lower THC concentration compared to marijuana and is regarded as relatively safe.

Products made from hemp seeds cannot compare to hemp CBD products in terms of their potential. Experts believe that cannabinoids are the future of the whole wellness industry.

Regardless we shouldn’t neglect the plant’s seed as they can also be very nutritious. You can use them as food or a snack.

What kind of proteins are within hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds provide a complete protein with 9 essential amino acids. These acids should be a crucial part of the human diet. Needless to say, they can do wonders for your workouts.

Experts still have a question regarding the precise amount of amino acids within hemp seeds. According to a specific study, hemp protein might be similar to egg whites and soy.

Another study indicates that hemp seeds are low in lysine, a crucial amino acid. Based on this study, the seeds might not be as potent as we initially thought.

Thirty grams of hemp powder have approximately 120 calories. They also have about 15 grams of protein which might vary based on the product.

While some processed products might have more protein per serving, we suggest that you use hemp powder. It is a much better, more natural substance.

What are the main benefits of hemp protein powder?

The main question is, why should you try hemp protein powder instead of some other protein products?

  1. It is really easy to digest

Generally speaking, animal proteins are much easier to process. One of the rare exceptions is hemp seed protein. Our body is able to utilize the majority of amino acids from this plant, thus giving a higher bioavailability compared to other plant-sourced products. According to experts, this high utilization is probably due to proteins albumin and edestin, which help speed up the process.

  1. Hemp seeds are great for their fibers

If you need a good source of fiber, there is only a handful of plants that are better than hemp. Even if this doesn't help your workout regimen, you can experience a lot of secondary benefits due to a high-fiber diet. For example, you can regulate blood sugar, improve gut bacteria, and reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

  1. Great source of mineral and antioxidants

We can always benefit by adding high-mineral substances to our diet. Hemp seeds have a lot of iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and copper. On top of that, the seeds have lignanamides, chemicals that are famous for their antioxidant properties. By adding more minerals and antioxidants, you are able to regulate numerous metabolic processes.

  1. Hemp seeds have a lot of unsaturated fats

A lot of people think that fats are bad for them. However, this isn’t necessarily true. While saturated fats can cause a lot of issues, we need to use a certain amount of unsaturated fats in our diet. Hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. We usually get these chemicals from fish, but you can also use hemp seeds as a good substitution.

How do hemp seeds affect our workouts?

As already mentioned, hemp protein powder has a lot of different nutrients that are meant to harmonize our internal processes. But, to put it in other words, here are some of the workout benefits we can experience when using these items:

  • Increase of lean muscle mass
  • Increase of energy while feeling less fatigued
  • Better regeneration and protection of the tissue
  • It might improve your sleep patterns

You can use these products after every workout when you need a protein recharge. They will help you retain all the gains by preventing catabolism (loss of muscle mass).

O’shipt store has some amazing hemp powder products. No matter which one of these items you use, you should experience a major surge of energy, stamina, and strength.