CBD Honey Sticks: Why You Should Try Them

CBD Honey Sticks: Why You Should Try Them

Honey is one of the most potent wellness substances in nature. Although high in sugar, it carries numerous beneficial properties that you can’t find in other foods. When mixed with hemp extract, you get amazing CBD honey sticks, a product that can improve your body and restore its natural harmony.

CBD honey sticks are available at the O'shipt store together with other honey-based items. Sticks are an incredible addition to tea and some other drinks, but you can also pour them directly into your mouth.

In this article, we will analyze CBD honey sticks, as well as their potential benefits. Read on!

Why should I use honey sticks?

Regardless of CBD, every person should add honey to their diet. This is one of the oldest natural remedies known to man, and to this day, we don’t have a solid replacement for it.

Here are some of the main reasons why you need to use it as well:

  • It has strong antimicrobial properties
  • Honey is a great antioxidant
  • The substance might also help you regenerate faster
  • It will do wonders for your digestive tract
  • Honey is full of unique phytonutrients
  • Great for sore throat

While honey is so amazing in its own regard, you still need to use it in limited quantities. Nevertheless, there is nothing that can replace its impact on the human body.

When combined with CBD, these two substances can amplify each other and provide even stronger benefits.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD has a very wholesome impact on the human body. Experts believe that this chemical is able to interact with the human endocannabinoid system through its receptors.

By doing so, cannabidiol is potentially able to improve the work of this system. Given that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for numerous internal functions like sleep, pain, mood, focus, and so on, CBD might have a positive impact on all these processes and much more.

When used as a topical, the substance might help rejuvenate the skin. It might also unwind muscles and reduce soreness. Naturally, if you're using CBD honey sticks, you won't apply them to the skin but instead ingest them.

Among numerous potential benefits, the majority of consumers rely on CBD as a way of reducing stress. It can help improve your sleep and other processes.

In that sense, it can even provide some relief if you’re suffering from an ailment and don’t know how to deal with excessive pressure, stress, and everything that comes with them.

How do CBD and honey work together?

Although CBD and honey are very different, they might have some similar properties.

For example, both of them are great antioxidants and might boost regenerative function. They might also have a positive impact on the digestive tract.

Keep in mind that some people are sensitive to CBD when they administer it for the first time, which might lead to diarrhea. However, as they get used to it, instead of experiencing a negative effect, the substance might provide some benefits to the stomach.

CBD and honey might also be similar in terms of their antimicrobial properties. While these substances shouldn’t be used to treat infections and similar issues, they might help with something like fungus.

Anyway, you can't make a mistake by using CBD honey sticks. Both of these substances are really great and should provide numerous wellness benefits. You can use them for a prolonged period of time without ever experiencing any issues.

What is the optimal dosage of CBD honey?

There are a lot of factors that would determine the optimal dosage of CBD:

  • Weight
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Tolerance
  • Desired effect
  • Product strength

Most people will take somewhere between 10 to 25mg of cannabidiol per day. This is enough for one application. If you use it twice a day, you will have to double these amounts.

Optimal dosage is mainly affected by your weight. Lighter individuals will have to take 10, 15 mg while heavier will take 25, 30mg, and even more. However, if you notice that the product isn’t making any impact, you will have to increase the quantity.

If you use CBD honey sticks for a prolonged period of time, you might notice that the effects are becoming weaker and weaker. This is not an issue.

Like most other substances and foods, you will start developing tolerance after a while making it harder to achieve the desired effect. The only way to counter this issue is to increase the dose.

Will CBD honey sticks cause psychoactive effects?

People are often reluctant to use CBD products because they’re worried about the potential psychoactive episodes. You will be glad to hear that this product shouldn’t cause such issues.

CBD products are made from hemp. This plant has very little THC content (psychoactive substance), unlike its cousin marijuana. And while you might get high when using marijuana-based products, there is virtually no chance of that happening when you use hemp.

According to the US government, a CBD product cannot have more than 0.3% THC. This is regarded as a trace amount and a quantity that wouldn't cause any issues to a person regardless of their current state and age. In other words, even if you wanted to get high from CBD honey sticks, you wouldn't be able to do so.

CBD is also regarded as a non-toxic substance. According to a smaller animal study, toxicity might occur if a person takes 20,000mg CBD at once.

But, most people don’t even have access to such an enormous quantity of the substance. Even if they did, they would use it in such a manner.

Regardless, cannabidiol might lead to some smaller side effects. There were reports of drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhea, dry mouth, change in blood pressure after using the product. In most cases, the issues stop once the product leaves your body.

Although these items are very safe, we still suggest that you buy them from reputable sources. O’shipt has some of the best CBD honey products on the market, and you should definitely give them a go!